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Jordin Sparks Music Video: No Air

By Flying Sparks | 21 February, 2008 | No comments

Check out the music video below for “No Air,” the amazing song from Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.

As season seven contestants such as Syesha Mercado battle for this season’s crown, they can only pray to achieve the sort of success Sparks has found:

Jordin Sparks Wins Image Award

By Flying Sparks | 15 February, 2008 | No comments

Seen here, Jordin Sparks accepts the 2008 Image Award for Outstanding New Artist.

We’re so happy for our favorite American Idol champion!

Award Winner

Jordin Sparks: The National Anthem

By Flying Sparks | 4 February, 2008 | 8 comments

What did you think of Jordin Sparks’ national anthem before Super Bowl XLII?

We thought the American Idol winner sang very well - but she appeared to be nervous and overly serious. We would have preferred to see that Sparks smile a bit more…

Jordin Sparks: Ready for a Tattoo

By Phillippi Phan | 30 November, 2007 | 4 comments

Tattoo is more than just a song for Jordin Sparks.

It might become a way of life for the American Idol champion. She recently told People magazine she’d love to get some actual body art.

The tattoo would honor her brother P.J., who she misses terribly now that she travels so often.

“This past year has made me realize how much I took my relationship with him for granted,” the singer said of her sibling, who is two years younger.

Ready for a Tattoo

“I’ve only been home a week and a half since the year started, and I really miss him,” she continued. “He knows everything about me. And, unlike a boyfriend, I know he won’t walk away.”

Sparks said she wants the body adornment to be “in a nice script,” and is thankful it’s a short moniker.

“It’s not like his name is Bartholomew or anything.”

Jordin Sparks Discusses New Album, Rise to Stardom

By Phillippi Phan | 21 November, 2007 | No comments

Setting the Stage Our friends at BuddyTV recently sat down with American Idol champion Jordin Sparks. Check out what she has to say about her new album below:

The response [to the new album] has seemed to be pretty good so far. What have you heard?
Um, well I saw that Rolling Stone gave me three and a half stars out of four and my jaw literally dropped to the floor. I was in complete amazement. A couple of interviews that I’ve seen, a couple of the reviews that I’ve seen they’ve been really nice and they’ve all liked it. So I’m really excited. I really hope that people like it because I worked really hard.

Is that a huge weight off your shoulders to see some positive reviews? It must be. The anticipation for that must be difficult.
It really kind of is. Because I mean with recording everything and having it, and knowing what you have on the CD and nobodies heard it yet and you’re kind of just like: ‘Wow. I wonder how this is going to go over.’ So for them to give me the reviews that they did, I feel very lucky and I’m very excited they liked it.

But I’m not going to get my hopes up too high because I know there are going to be some people out there that wont like it, so. But I’m just kind of trying to hold onto it, so.

So the album is called Jordin Sparks, can you tell us specifically about the songs on the album? The influences? What fans can expect?
Well, I guess there’s a little bit of everything for everybody. There are songs that are more guitar driven. There are songs that make you want to think. There are songs that are more rhythmic.

There are definitely some ballads on there because everybody knows that I love to do ballads, so there’s some of that also. But I guess it’s just like me, just a good mix of everything and I really hope that people like it. I think works. I think it works out.

Read the full interview here.

Purchase Jordin Sparks Album, Listen to “Shy Boy”

By Phillippi Phan | 19 November, 2007 | No comments

It’s cold outside.

For those wishing to remain inside and purchase the Jordin Sparks debut album online, entitled “Jordin Sparks,” you can do so at the official site for Barnes and Noble.

Jordin Sparks Album

You can also download and listen to the single “Shy Boy” at that website. Head over now and see what we mean!

Jordin Sparks Dishes on New Album, Favorite Song

By Phillippi Phan | 19 November, 2007 | 2 comments

Making Sparks As we all known, the debut album from Jordin Sparks comes out tomorrow. Yes… tomorrow!

Before you run out and buy it, you can read an interview with the American Idol champion in the latest OK! magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

What’s the most personal song on your album?
I co-wrote a song called “Freeze” and there’s another song called “Worth the Wait” that I co-wrote. I think it’s a bonus song on the Wal-Mart album that’s going to come out.

Those two are very personal to me because “Freeze” is about freezing the moment and memorizing every detail and trying to remember everything about that time, which really applies to what I’m going through because everything has gone by so fast and I can’t remember some of the stuff that I’ve done.

“Worth the Wait” is about when that one person comes it’s worth it. I’m glad you waited for me and I waited for you. That song’s really personal too.

There’s another song that I didn’t write but it really applies to me and I’m so glad they included it on the album. It’s called “God Loves Ugly,” and I’m so excited I got it on the album. It talks about how no matter what you feel like, no matter what you’re going through, no matter what’s going on, if you have a blemish — if your teeth are messed up, if you have a bad hair day — God takes that and he turns that into something beautiful no matter what.

Jordin, Tattoo Stays on Track

By Phillippi Phan | 15 November, 2007 | No comments

It was a good week for the American Idol finalists on the the digital songs chart, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Most importantly to us, Jordin Sparks’ Tattoo imprinted itself on the top 15, moving from number-17 to number-14 on the chart, with a 26% boost in downloads to 47,000. It has now sold 245,000 copies.

Sparks, Jordin

Five Fun Facts About Jordin Sparks

By Phillippi Phan | 29 October, 2007 | 6 comments

Super Sparks As we count down the days until Jordin Sparks’ debut CD, here’s a look at a few fun facts about the American Idol winner:

1. Sparks won a modeling contest for plus-size clothing brand Torrid, with one of her ads appearing in the December 2006 issue of Seventeen. “We’re waiting on pins and needles for this Idol stuff to be over so we can work with her again,” Torrid’s press rep told the New York Post.

2. Jordin has watched American Idol since the age of 12 as her training, telling People magazine: “I know what the past idols have done and I know what looks good on TV and what looks not good.

3. The first time Sparks auditioned for American Idol in Pasadena, Calif. in 2006, she didn’t make the cut. But she got a second chance months later when she took the Arizona Idol title.

4. In May 2007, an estimated 5,000 fans weathered 100-degree heat and waited five hours to see their hometown-star perform at Westgate City Center in Glendale.

5. Fashion designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka of Badgley Mischka created two stunning finale dresses for Sparks to wear on American Idol. “We kept thinking ‘that’s a beautiful young girl, she would look amazing in our clothes,’” Badgley told People.

Tattoo is a Hit!

By Phillippi Phan | 10 October, 2007 | 2 comments

According to the Nielsen BDS/Arbitron stats published in Radio & Records, Jordin Sparks makes the chart at number-38 with Tattoo.

This gives this year’s crop of American Idols its first radio success story. Tattoo is also the third-most-added record at the format.

Opening Night